As we have said, the VAL DI LAMA farm produces a series of fruity oils that are much appreciated in Italy and abroad. These fruity oils differ greatly from each other and can be added to any food. We recommend in particular ;

Fruttato Light

This oil is often sweet and delicate, characterised by hints of grass, artichoke and almond, slightly bitter and pungent. For starters, fish and seafood dishes and whenever the natural freshness and delicacy of food needs to be enhanced. Fried fish, delicate salads, white boiled or grilled fish, tart vegetables, raw fish / meat.

Fruttato Medium

With distinct scents of grass, artichoke, tomato, aromatic herbs; bitter and pungent taste. Its taste is of medium intensity and never aggressive. To enhance the flavour of food without dominating it. Pasta and rice dishes, boiled beans and potatoes, salads, meats cooked in tomato, tart green beans and asparagus, "fagioli all'uccelletto" (Tuscan speciality of beans cooked in tomato sauce), creamed pulses, boiled chickpeas, mixed wild salad, "salsa verde" (Italian green sauce, traditionally served with boiled meats, generally made with parsley, olive oil, capers, anchovies, and egg), mozzarella, "caprese" (alternate slices of tomato and mozzarella). It can naturally also be used for more rustic dishes, like those listed in the previous paragraph.

Fruttato Intense

With rich scents of grass, artichoke, tomato, aromatic herbs; bitter and pungent in taste. Generally suited to dishes with a strong flavour, such as zuppa alla Frantoiana (a hearty local vegetable broth, farinata (gruel), ribollita (a typical Tuscan speciality made with various vegetables and served on hard bread), bruschetta, boiled beef, braised or slow-cooked meats, red grilled meats, game of all types, boiled borlotti beans, soups made with pulses and/or vegetables.

Yet another very important characteristic of these products is the packaging. To meet all the needs of its customers, the farm has in fact created a diversified series of packaging and boxes, which can also be personalised for each customer ;